Paper dollars vs. coin dollars

There is an article in the Sunday News and Observer entitled “Dollar coins piling up at reserve bank”.  Apparently the Government says we would save $5.5 Billion over 30 years by switching from paper dollars to coin dollars.  They also go on to say, these coins take up space and sometime the Feds have to rent additional space, thereby spending more of our tax dollars. However the study by our Government says Americans seem to prefer paper and haven’t embraced the dollar coins.  Um, hello, how about just saying the paper dollar is gone as of a certain date?  Or telling all of us how much it is costing us and our children to come? Sure we might complain, coins are heavier, we like paper – but hey, most people dread change, so let’s just suck it up and save ourselves $5.5 Billion dollars over the next 30 years.  Sheesh, can’t someone in Government just say, let’s save the taxpayers some green and make this decision and move on? I know it doesn’t seem like much in the face of our Nations large deficit but at least it’s a start.

What do you think – are you in love with the paper dollar so much that you’d give up $5.5 Billion savings over the next 30 years?


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