Pears and Kale – Gotta love @WholeFoods

A while back Living Social had a deal where you spent $10 and received $20 to spend at Whole Foods. I popped in today and found Organic 100% Pear Juice along with a few varieties of Kale I hadn’t tried yet. Can I just say how much I adore Whole Foods? Seriously! Anyway, while I like canned pineapple in its own juice in my Wicked Green Smoothies, canned pears – not so much.  I’m always in a hurry in the morning and don’t want to take time to cut up a pear to throw in my smoothie so I don’t use them as often as I’d like.

After picking up Lacinato Kale and organic pear juice, I added grapes and ice. Super yummo Wicked Green Smoothie!  This one’s a keeper for the e-book.

Ode to Pears
Couple of kale leaves if you’re a beginner (otherwise, use 3 handfuls)
1 c. 100% pear juice
2 c. ice (less if you like your smoothie more like juice, more if you like it like a shake)
1 c. grapes (I use them frozen, by the way, they are also a tasty snack to eat frozen)

Have you tried any new veggies or fruits lately?  What’s your fave?

Until next time, cheers!


State Fair – goats in sweaters, fried food and the demolition derby…it’s all good

The State Fair is in town and while many folks can’t stand the traffic around the area, lots of others couldn’t imagine missing the fair and all its sights, sounds and smells!

I went last night with Jennifer and Sharon. Jennifer loves the fair and makes me laugh the entire time I’m there. We tried the fried Oreo’s – one was good, but more and I just  couldn’t do it.  Also sampled among us was: chocolate dipped frozen cheesecake, fried mac and cheese, fried dough nuggets, corn dogs, apple cider, fudge, cotton candy, and of course a bloomin’ onion.  None of use will be getting our cholesterol checked anytime soon. I had to laugh at all the fried options – from HoHos to KoolAid to butter, yes butter, to veggies.

It’s always fun to see the animals and there were some adorable goats with sweaters on so they wouldn’t be cold. I think I recognized an old sweater…

We ended the evening with the demolition derby. There were three rounds. First, mini-vans, second 6 cylinder and last 8 cylinder. For all your corporate types – this looks like a fantastic way to achieve stress relief.  In fact, I think we’ll get a car and enter the six cylinder derby next year.  We’re thinking spray painted pink with glitter paint. We’ll offer sponsor opportunities for the all-girl team and see what happens.  After all, you get a pretty purple trophy and who wouldn’t want to relieve some stress?


Gold Rush – quite possibly the best tasting apple ever

Perusing the farmer’s market this weekend, I came across lots and lots of apples.  After loading up on greens, bread from La Farm and cider, I checked out the apples. Personally, I like a very crisp, crunchy apple that’s not tart and not sweet but in between, maybe tangy is the right word? In talking w/the farmer he told me about this apple called Gold Rush. I bought a couple to try along with some Honeycrisp and went home.  My, oh, my, the Gold Rush apple has to be the best tasting apple I’ve had in quite a while.  I ran back this morning to buy a bag full. Check out your local farmer’s market – who know what discoveries await?


The scent of memory and a certain slant of light

Recently I was out running errands early in the morning, and as I got out of my car, something about the slant of light and the smell hit me with such force I couldn’t breathe for a minute. It reminded me of being at my Grandmothers in Florida, the early morning smell of the air, grass and sunshine that tells you it will be a beautiful day. I was struck by how clear the memory was and overcome with emotion. Not sad mind you, but happy. While my Grandmother passed away a number of years ago, for me, memories of her make me smile when I remember her. She was a great lady.

It’s interesting and strange, the power of smell and memory. For some people it’s not smell at all but a certain movie, TV show, song or world event that triggers strong memories but for me the strongest memories have always been from smell. Once walking through a store, I smelled White Shoulders, a perfume I didn’t even know they still made and immediately I see my Grandmother, with full makeup, clothes, hair done and perfume on…at the breakfast table. We always had to dress for breakfast and I still smile when I am at home in my PJs, with wild hair and no makeup. Or take the time I was at a restaurant and a guy walked by who used Neutrogena Rainbath shower gel – I am transported back to school sitting next to a boy I was crazy about who always smelled of that shower gel.

While I realize not all memories are happy, many can be painful and sad, I am grateful to hold them all, for memory reminds us of where we came from and those collections of memories define who we are. To this day, I can’t stand the smell of sandwich meat. Those smells bring back a memory of lunch the day of my Father’s funeral and remind me how very much I miss him.

I’ve been thinking about smells and the play of light triggering memories and decided that Beth Laurens, a character in a paranormal fiction book I’m working on, has this character trait. She is patiently waiting for me to get her words on the page but soon she will start yelling at me to get moving and tell her story.  Why do I talk about her like she’s real? For me, characters are real. They speak in your head at the most inopportune times and you either put their words down or try to ignore them. Ignore them at your own peril, ignore them too long – they go away and you find yourself all grown up, years later, without a speck of creativity or imagination in your soul. So I am listening and maybe in the near future you’ll see her story.

What triggers memories for you? TV shows, songs, movies, world events, sounds, tastes, or smells?

So close and yet so far

Some of you have heard mention of Lulu my crazy toddler of a cat. Well, as you can see she was trying to get a squirrel but squirrels are pretty crafty and he jumped to the tree just as she jumped for him. It’s hard to tell from the angle but she was about a foot from him. Tried to get the shot of her jumping but no such luck. Anyway made me think of how sometimes in life we can be so close to what we want and yet seem so far away from getting it.  Don’t let the squirrel get away, figure out what you need to get what you want and pounce.


Straws – the only accessory a wicked green smoothie needs

So maybe you’ve tried a smoothie made with fruit and liked it.  Then maybe you felt adventursome and tried a Wicked Green Smoothie and thought “hey, that’s not so bad”.  How do you lime to drink your smoothies – straight from the glass or with a straw?  I prefer a straw and instead of keeping them in the plastic bags they come in; I wanted a cute way to display them.  While it isn’t vintage, this jadeite straw keeper is stylish and functional.  So much so, I couldn’t resist sharing a picture with you.  After all, fast food drinks come with straws and Wicked Green Smoothies are…the ultimate fast food.