State Fair – goats in sweaters, fried food and the demolition derby…it’s all good

The State Fair is in town and while many folks can’t stand the traffic around the area, lots of others couldn’t imagine missing the fair and all its sights, sounds and smells!

I went last night with Jennifer and Sharon. Jennifer loves the fair and makes me laugh the entire time I’m there. We tried the fried Oreo’s – one was good, but more and I just  couldn’t do it.  Also sampled among us was: chocolate dipped frozen cheesecake, fried mac and cheese, fried dough nuggets, corn dogs, apple cider, fudge, cotton candy, and of course a bloomin’ onion.  None of use will be getting our cholesterol checked anytime soon. I had to laugh at all the fried options – from HoHos to KoolAid to butter, yes butter, to veggies.

It’s always fun to see the animals and there were some adorable goats with sweaters on so they wouldn’t be cold. I think I recognized an old sweater…

We ended the evening with the demolition derby. There were three rounds. First, mini-vans, second 6 cylinder and last 8 cylinder. For all your corporate types – this looks like a fantastic way to achieve stress relief.  In fact, I think we’ll get a car and enter the six cylinder derby next year.  We’re thinking spray painted pink with glitter paint. We’ll offer sponsor opportunities for the all-girl team and see what happens.  After all, you get a pretty purple trophy and who wouldn’t want to relieve some stress?



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