Wicked Green Smoothie Detox – Pre Day 1

I’m posting a 30 day detox to help start the New Year on the right foot. You can choose to participate for a week or longer. At least a week so you get through the first 3 days of hell. On day 4 you’ll feel lots of energy as the toxins leave your system.

So while most say, ease off processed foods, alcohol and other junk, I say embrace it today and start tomorrow with a clean slate. Go out and purchase your favorite fresh fruit (frozen if fresh isn’t available), juice and veggies (carrots, celery, cucumber, collards, kale spinach, boston bibb lettuce, romaine, etc.). Pick at least one dark leafy green. You’ll need a blender and that’s it. If you want to, purchase a thermos so you can take your smoothies with you and keep them cold. Get ready for day 1 tomorrow.

Let’s detox!


Ready for a New Year?

Are you ready for 2012? What do you want to accomplish this year? A new job, new relationship, new you? Maybe you just want to work on your stress levels and being nicer than normal. Or maybe you want to start a new hobby, carve out some time for yourself, say please and thank you more…whatever it is, there’s something about a new year that makes us all take a look within and think about the past year and what we want to accomplish in the coming year.

Start small or go for a big change, enlist the support of friends, family and co-workers. Tell me your goal and find support here as well. As I mentioned last week, I’ll be posting a Wicked Green Smoothie detox to start your new year off with a bang.  Follow along and find more energy, clearer skin, mental clarity, removing toxins from your system and…weight loss — about a half to a pound a day.

I’ll post the detox here and you’ll be able to find out more, along with tons of recipes in my book I’m working on (to be ready in the next couple of months.

Join me oin the path to better health!

Happy Holidays

Wishing everyone a very happy holiday! No white xmas here this year. There’s something about xmas music playing, hot cocoa and snow that just says xmas to me. Hey at least, I got two out of three.  Hope all of you enjoy the holiday, whatever holiday you celebrate. Start reflecting on 2011 – what you accomplished, what you did not and what you want to achieve in 2012.

It’s been a stressful year with work related events so my co-workers and I are all going to put the hammer down come the New Year and hold each other accountable for stress eating. I’ll be posting a Wicked Green Smoothie detox (yes, I’m working on the book and it should be finally done in the next couple of months) for those of you who want to kick-start your new year.



E-readers – a positive for readers (and the rest of us) everywhere

I never thought I’d be a fan of e-readers. Typically, I’m lagging behind everyone on technology. It took me forever to get a DVR, longer for a smartphone, and even longer to embrace social media. Now I’m a fan.

All the reasons you can think of for not getting an e-reader – like the way a book feels, like to hold a book, who wants to look at a screen, you can’t take it in the bathtub (you can if you put it in a Ziploc baggie!), and on and on and on. Then a couple of years ago, I received one as a gift at Christmas. I was slow to convert but now, wow, I love my e-reader. In case you’re wondering, I have a small Kindle.  I always read a lot but now, instant gratification, all my books at my fingertips, samples to try before buying, free books, library lending, and so many wonderful new authors to discover.

The biggest plus I see for e-readers/tablets is: they’re getting more people to read. In my book that’s absolutely brilliant!

If you’re wondering what to get someone for the holidays or thinking of your own list; I can’t recommend one enough. I am a loyal Amazon fan so the Kindle is the top of my list. If you also want games, movies, apps and internet, get an iPad – all my friends love theirs.

Happy Holidays!

A Little Holiday Love…

Last August, a starving stray cat with its ribs showing appeared in the backyard. Lulu, the one on the left, brought him home, at least that’s my guess (she was thrown out on a road in Smithfield as a kitten and I got her from the couple who rescued her). I resisted and then realized he was lost, abandoned, etc. so I decided I’d give him some food, then catch him and take him to a shelter. Guess Lulu had other plans…

After a particularly bad thunderstorm, I realized he wasn’t going anywhere and tried to make friends. Nope, this cat was afraid and no way was he coming near me. So, started the wooing, food on the rock for him at the edge of the woods. Gradually, I put out a small dish, fed him in the morning, he was always waiting but would not let me get near him, and waited. Slowly, I moved the dish up the backyard, to the steps of the deck, to the deck. Then open the sliding glass door and put food dish on mat with door open. That cat was smart, he’d bolt if you came near the door. It started to get cold and I worried about him.

On a very cold day the end of last November, I slammed shut the sliding glass door. Chaos ensued and said cat hid under the sofa for a week. I could tell he’d come out at night and eat and use a litter box (which I had to mix litter and dirt so he’d like it) but no getting close.

Time went on and still couldn’t touch him. He wasn’t going to a shelter, he’d wormed his way into my heart and Lulu adored him. He was christened Louie. Then last December I woke up to a very sick cat. He’d been bitten before I got him inside. It must have been bad enough to cause a fever and temporary blindness which is the only way I captured him was as he jumped in the air and by sheer pure dumb luck, caught him in the carrier. Off to the vet, Louie was sedated and taken care of (shots, fixed, wound cleaned, microchipped, etc.). Vet said he was very young, maybe one or two, same age as Lulu and seemed like he had been abused from what I told them about him.  People who are mean to animals really should rot in some kind of Hell where they are abused in eternity just as they did to the animals.

Funny thing was in January, I could start petting him as he walked by and by September, I could pick him up for a few seconds. Now, he sleeps in the bed, curled up beside me, loves to be petted, goes in and out on the weekend, loudly demands food and is very happy (he’s the one on the right). He even sleeps now without startling awake when you pet him. I knew he finally felt safe here when he fell asleep and snored. It made me cry. Evey once in a while, you lean over him or a noise startles him and I see vestiges of the abuse which breaks my heart. But let me tell you, Louie and Lulu rule the roost, are terribly spoiled and basically have a great life at this house.

Funny what a difference a year can make…What has changed for you this year?

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) Part 2

Have you heard of National Novel Writing Month? Or NaNoWriMo for short? It’s where during the  month of November, you try to write 50,000, yes, that’s correct, 50,000 words in ONE MONTH.

So as many of you know, I decided to sign up and declare my intent to reach the 50.000 milestone by the end of November. I figured it would help keep me motivated and maybe feeling a bit competitive. Not to mention, when you speak your intent, the Universe listens and I hope conspires on my behalf. Hey, I can use all the help I can get.

Well, I didn’t reach the 50,000 goal but I did hit 25,000 words. I’m very pleased as I have a solid start on my novel and figured out places where the action wasn’t moving and a new character needed to be introduced. It’s been fun, frustrating and a learning experience, all rolled up into one. While I didn’t reach the goal, I will commit to all of you to keep you updated on my progress – my big goal is to complete the first draft, then revisions and then, yep, publish the darn thing.

Stay tuned,