Wicked Green Smoothie Detox – Day 5

If it calls out to you, remove it from your home immediately!

If you keep snacks, sweets, chips, and/or other processed foods in your pantry, freezer, or refrigerator, you will hear them lovingly calling out to you, “come and eat me”. Fess up, we’ve all heard the call. A part of your brain will be constantly aware of those treats sitting there, just waiting for you to have a weak moment and consume them, so get rid of them and keep your brain from triggering cravings that will only lead you down the path of destruction.

Are all blenders the same?

What kind of blender do I need? There’s a lot of discussion on the internet regarding the brand of blender you need to make smoothies. Let’s keep it simple. If you have a blender, great, use it until it dies. No sense in spending money on something you may not need. Check out yard sales, Craigslist, a thrift shop or Goodwill; they’re all great places to pick up a blender for very little money. I started out with an Oster Professional blender, also called a beehive blender. It worked great although it was noisy and I had to make sure I chopped fruits and vegetables up more and put the ingredients into the blender in stages or it would get clogged up and stop. Most blenders also take longer to give you that smooth looking smoothie than the fancy (aka Blendtec or VitaMix) blenders. Once you love smoothies and have killed a couple of regular blenders, then you may want to splurge and buy a fancy, top of the line blender. They are expensive but completely worth it. You don’t have to do as much prep work so everything is faster and we’re all pressed for time. Ask your family to chip in together to buy you one for your birthday or Mother’s Day or Christmas or splurge and treat yourself. Want me to justify it for you? It’s much better to splurge on a blender than to splurge on junk food and soda.  You’ll be giving your body and health a gift. It’s like having a Kitchen Aid stand mixer – you know nothing beats it and you just can’t get the same results with other mixers. I have the VitaMix and absolutely love it. Only wish I would have splurged sooner.

What do I need for equipment?

A blender.  That was simple and inexpensive wasn’t it?

You might also want to add a few Thermos’ to carry around your smoothies so you can use one and have another washed and ready to go. They will keep smoothies cold all day long and soups, stews, etc. hot all day.

Let’s get to Day 5 Recipes

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Try and drink 3 cups of green tea as well. It’s good for you.

Spicy hot v-8
2 romaine leaves
1 carrot

1-2 collard green leaves torn up into pieces
1 c. water or large handful of ice
1 c. blood orange juice
1 c. blackberries (Frozen)

Mid-afternoon snack (optional)
1 tbsp. chia seeds

1 c. water or ice
1 c. green tea
1 c. pineapple
Handful spinach

You’re almost through the week!


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