Wicked Green Smoothie Detox – Day 7

Yuck!  What is that you’re drinking? – it looks disgusting!

You may hear this or something like it from your family, friends, and coworkers when they see your Wicked Green Smoothies. Many of these folks will be disgusted, yet fascinated and very curious about what you are drinking. Offer them a taste, heck, dare them to taste your smoothie concoction. Tell them all about how wonderful and healthy they are. If you’re not ready for the scrutiny, use a dark thermos and dark straws and just say it’s a fruit smoothie and leave it at that. My sister in law wanted to taste one of my creations and upon tasting it, said “this is surprisingly not bad”. Once they try your smoothie, they’ll probably like it and may even ask you for the recipe. You can get your kids to try them by giving them names such as “Green boogers, monster juice, zombie brains, etc” you get the hint. They won’t be able to resist a taste.

How do I transport my smoothies?

Remember when you were in school and had a cute (or manly for all you guys reading) lunch box and matching thermos? Well, Thermos is all grown up and makes fantastic insulated containers to take your Wicked Green Smoothies anywhere. While you can’t put your Thermos in the dishwasher, they are easy to clean. Put a drop of dish detergent in the Thermos and rinse it out. A baby bottle brush is cheap and works really well to scrub your Thermos. Thermos’ can be found at many retail stores and online at Amazon and the Thermos website.  They come in plain stainless and other designs. The sixteen ounce size is great for lunch or you can buy the larger size and take two meals or a manly man meal size. See the reference section for the Thermos website.

Day 7 Menu

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Try and drink 3 cups of green tea as well. It’s good for you.

1-2 handfuls kale
½ c. strawberries
½ c. cherries
½ banana
½ c. peaches
½ c. orange juice
1 c. ice
½ c. apple/pomegranate juice
1 tbsp. flaxseed (optional)

1 c. orange juice
½ c. water
1 c. raspberries
1 c. strawberries
1 banana
4 baby carrots
1 stalk celery
1 c. peaches
1-2 collard leaves

Mid-afternoon snack (optional)
1 tbsp. chia seeds

½ c. orange juice
½ c. cherries
½ c. pineapple
½ c. greek yogurt
1 banana
1 c. blueberries
1-2 handfuls spinach

Congratulations, you Wicked Green Smoothie Kings and Queens! You made it though the week. By now, you feel better, look better, and have lost some unwanted pounds. Let’s keep the momentum going and do another week (or 3 for the whole month).

Going forward, simply mix and match the 21 recipes I have provided. Feel free to experiment with any kind of veggies, fruits, juices, yogurt, milks, etc. Whatever keeps you going.



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