Help! I want crunchy, salty, chips…

Wait up there you Wicked Green Smoothie Warrior…back away from the bag of chips.  Put it down, better yet, dump it in the trash and then dump water or something else on the chips so you won’t be tempted to reach in the trash and eat them.  Come on, you know you’ve done it before, haven’t we all?

Here is a healthy alternative to satisfy that salty, crunchy craving. Also, I’ve listed a great way to eat an avocado. Try it, you’ll like it!

Crunchy Garbanzo Beans

One can of chickpeas (small or large) 1 tbsp. olive oil Seasoning (sea salt, old bay, garlic, etc)\

Directions; Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Toss chickpeas with olive oil and seasoning of your choice.  I love sea salt and old bay seasoning. Spread on a rimmed baking sheet or shallow pan and bake for one hour or until crispy.  They are a crunchy, delicious treat chock full of protein and is a great substitute when you are craving chips or something salty/crunchy.

Avocado All The Way Baby

Here are some ways to try an avocado if you haven’t tried them, well other than in guacamole.

  1. Slice open an avocado, scoop it out into a bowl, add balsamic vinegar and olive oil, yum!
  2. Slice open an avocado, scoop it out into a bowl, add honey and sea salt, enjoy!



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