Farewell to Summer…Bye, Bye, Summer Wicked Green Smoothie

It’s a crisp, clear morning with the smell of Fall in the air.  I love this time of year. Fall is one of my favorite seasons although I still want new clothes come September….must be from when I started a new school year growing up.  Anyway, I made a great smoothie this morning to remind me of summer. Think I’ll make citrus based smoothies all week to bid summer adieu.

Bye bye Summer Wicked Green Smoothie
1/2 c greek yogurt – I used Fage 2% plain
1 c pineapple in its own juice or frozen (or fresh if you have it)
1 c OJ
1 tbsp wheat germ (optional)
1 tbsp chia seeds (optional)
handful of ice if your pineapple isn’t frozen
one handful of spinach (one handful equals one loosely packed cup)
makes 16 – 24 oz.

Blend until smooth. It will be a beautiful mint green color and you won’t even taste the spinach. You’ll just taste pineapple and a slight bite from the yogurt.

P.S. I was craving popcorn last night but didn’t want to use the prepackaged stuff from the store. One, it’s pricey and Two, who knows what junk they add to the popcorn. So I made my own. It’s simple.

Easy and cheap popcorn
1/4 c popcorn (I bought a bag from Food Lion for a little over $2)
a paper sack like you used to pack your lunch in (I couldn’t find mine, so I used a bath and bodyworks paper sack)
fold the top of the bag over and pop for about 2 – 21/2 minutes. Listen for the popping to slow down so you don’t burn it.  Eat or add seasonings.  I admit, I added some butter, parmesan cheese and a bit of Old Bay Seasoning – that is a little piece of heaven!



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