Change…it can be difficult

As 2012 comes to a close and we look forward to 2013 – what do you want to achieve this year? Lots of people don’t like change, they’d rather keep things moving along as they are. Others, (me included) like change, it keeps life interesting. As a nation we’re getting bigger, sicker and for the first time, our children won’t live longer than their parents – is this acceptable to you?fall2

Me? I have writing goals which I’ve stated on my other blog at and I’ll be keeping myself honest by reporting my progress to you all.

As to living a more healthy, mindful life – this year:

  1. Work on cutting out processed food, especially junk. I fell off the wagon this year after a couple of blood clots in my leg – ugh! I’m cleared now so I want to get back on track.
  2. Being kind to myself – that means getting out and taking walks with friends or hitting the gym a few times a week or making time for a massage (if there’s a school near you, the rates are way cheaper than the spa).
  3. Adding more fruits and veggies and trying some new ones I’ve never eaten before.
  4. Limiting dairy and meat. Everyone is different and for me, I feel better when I do this.
  5. Last – this is a biggie for me…cue the drum roll or more preferably the scary music – cutting out soda – full octane Pepsi this year. We’ll see how this one goes especially as I’m under deadline for my second book. <grin

What do you want to achieve? State your goals and let’s all support each other and make it happen in 2013!



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