Taking another path

A while back I became interested in eating in a more healthful, mindful manner and ran across green smoothies.  There was lots of information out there but most of it seemed to be geared towards the vegetarians, vegans and raw foodies which was great but I wasn’t there yet and needed to start at the beginning.

After much research and reading, I decided to come up with my own green smoothies which I call Wicked Green Smoothies.  These are for all of you who may eat vegetables or have never met a veggie you actually like. Same with fruit, maybe you occasionally eat fruit but don’t think too much about it.   Or maybe, you are already healthy and just want to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your diet.  Many of us are stressed out, tired and feel like we don’t have much time.  Does this sound like you? No worries, smoothies are super fast and your body will thank you.

Let’s meander down the road less traveled to Wicked Green Smoothies.  Self-educated on the goodness of greens; I’m a processed food eater trying to reform one Wicked Green Smoothie at a time.  Follow me along the road as we travel to great health, reversing aging and boosting energy.  All that from fruits and greens – who knew?!



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