Canning really isn’t hard

I grew up with a mother who canned. We rarely had veggies from a can, just popped down to the basement or pantry to grab a jar of fresh goodness. It seems nowadays that most people don’t garden or know how to can. Luckily, both of these pastimes are making a comeback. There are 2 types of canning – water bath and pressure canning. I took a water bath canning class from The Gardener’s Kitchen in Cary last weekend. Water bath is used for fruits and tomatoes or other low acid veggies. Pressure canning takes care of the rest. Water bath canning is super easy and I was surprised how much I remembered from watching my mom growing up. We made blackberry jam and then used that jam to make sorbet which was super tasty and finished it off by enjoying a glass of sparkling wine. It was a lovely afternoon and I highly recommend trying water bath canning. Many co-op extension offices offer canning during the summer so try it out. Your family and friends would love to receive something from your garden or that you canned yourself. You can even go to the farmer’s market, purchase a bunch of fruit and freeze it to can later when you have time. Just think, if we planted even one or two items and froze or canned the proceeds what a difference it would make on our eco-footprint on this earth.

Do you can? Did someone you know can growing up? Share your thoughts and favorite memories.



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