It’s Strawberry Season

images (3)Depending on where you are, it’s strawberry season. Here in the south the roadside stands and pick your own places are open and the farmer’s markets are blanketed in berries. I love fresh strawberries!

As an ode to strawberries, here are some great ways to use them (you know there’s a smoothie in this somewhere right?) – grins.

Strawberry Joy Wicked Green Smoothie
no picture as I drank it before I thought to photograph it!
1/2 c. yogurt vanilla or strawberry flavored
1 c. strawberries
1 c. almond milk or juice of your choice
and of course…a handful of greens. If you’re new add a leaf of spinach or lettuce. If you’ve made a few of these use a cup.
Note: the pretty color changes to an ugly color with the greens but it tastes delicious so put it in a dark cup if the color bothers you!

Other ways to enjoy strawberries:

Dipped in dark chocolateth

With yogurt and granola for breakfast or a snack

sliced over your cereal

thCAIPOWBSsimply sliced and eaten, maybe with a pinch of sugar or cool-whip or of course ice-cream

over waffles

th (2)and of course picked from the vine and popped in your mouth with the sun shining down on you

How do you like your strawberries?


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