Pssst, Mother’s day is Sunday

untitled (8)Yep, Mother’s Day is this Sunday.

Sound of things dropping, keys clattering and untitled (11)the door slamming…that’s ok, I’ll still be here when you come back after running out to take care of your mom.

My mom wanted a Kindle so we got her the untitled (9)Paperwhite since it’s backlit (and I adore mine), a cute case and a gift card to start loading it up. She’s a voracious reader as am I and she’s 70. I think it’s cool she uses an iPhone, texts and reads on an eReader. Also, she’s super active, has tons of interests, friends, and activities and enjoys life. And no, she won’t see my blog post 🙂

untitled (10)I can only hope I’m doing as well when I hit her age. Here’s to mom’s everywhere – and you don’t have to be the mom of children. You can be mom to a cat, dog or other pet!

Happy Mother’s Day!



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