Scariest books ever!


What books or movies scared you the most?

Three come to mind for me: Jaws, Salem’s Lot and IT. To this day I can scare myself out in the ocean by thinking of the book/movie or if someone hums

the theme song…you know what I’m talking about.

Salem’s Lot – I wouldn’t sleep with my bed next to the window for two or three years after reading this one!


And of course, IT – every so often when I wake up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night…I jump out so nothing will grab me.

stephen_king_s_it_book_cover_by_kidtut-d5mnpjnIt probably didn’t help that I was young when I read these. We weren’t allowed to watch much TV but reading…anything went and my dad loved scary books, thrillers and spy stories.

What’s your favorite scary book or movie?



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