Eggplant and social media?

photo-1Before I chat about social media, I’m having fresh corn, a tomato tart, and eggplant with breadcrumbs for dinner tonight after my foray to the farmer’s market. Oh, and fresh blackberries for dessert – yum! The eggplant, I slice, dip it in egg and shake it in a bag with some flour and italian breadcrumbs. Then fry it in a pan with a little olive oil. A great way to try eggplant if you’re not a fan.

sm2I’ve been thinking a lot about social media lately. Who uses it and why. It seems like today we’re all on in some way shape or form. As a writer who left corporate america, I find it a great way to connect with new folks when I need a break from work.

pBut at the same time, I tend to “go dark” for days or even a few weeks at a time. Where I have friends who check Facebook every time their phone dings. I have all sound notifications turned off on my phone and check in a few times a day. How often are you on social media, which one is your favorite and why? I know some of you like blogs since you’re here – grins.

I’ll go first. My favorite, hands down is twitter. I tweet about all kinds of stuff – the Walking Dead being a particular fave of mine.

smAt best, I’m a sporadic blogger. As you know, I have a website here for Wicked Green Smoothies and there’s another one for my writing.

Vine is fun to create short little 6 second videos like today when it’s raining.

Instagram is great for sharing silly pictures. You can follow me on Instagram if you’re so inclined.

I’m also on Pinterest where I post about healthy eating, products and styles I love, things inspiring the latest book and whatever else catches my fancy.

Last but not least, if you want to connect with me in another format than this blog, I’ve listed all my links. Oh yeah, I’m on Facebook as me, and under my author fan page.

Give me a shout out as to your fave and why. And if you like tomatoes, cheese & basil…tell me and I’ll post my tomato tart recipe.

Enjoy the weekend!


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