Going dark

Off to my annual beach vacation. I do read lots and lots but otherwise, I go dark on social media and I turn my phone off.

The end of summer… See you all after 9/8!



The apples are coming

The farmer’s market had early apples this week. Early apples? Yep, some varieties are ready earlier in the year. They were small and tart and mouth-watering.

And made me look forward to fall. Last year at the farmer’s market I found an apple called GoldRush. It was heaven. Crisp and crunchy with just  the right amount of tang. I’ve never seen them at the grocery. Check out your local farmer’s market – who knows what you might discover -grins

What’s your favorite apple?


Lemon blackberry sorbet

bsWe’re only a few weeks away from Labor Day – can you believe how quickly the summer has flown by?

My niece is visiting for a week so I took the day off yesterday and went to the pool. Afterwards I wanted something cool, refreshing and sweet. Enter sorbet.

Here’s a super easy recipe to make your own. I used greek yogurt but you can use low-fat flavored yogurt if you prefer.

Farewell to Summer Sorbet
1 lb pkg frozen blackberries
1/2 c. sugar
1/4 c. greek yogurt (I like Fage brand)
1/4 c. lemon juice
Directions: mix in food processor until smooth, freeze and enjoy!

Happy Summer!


Image 2I got together with a wonderful friend last night. She’s always up for anything and super creative. She’d seen an idea where someone painted on glass and wanted to try it. We got together, cranked up the tunes, poured some wine and let the creativity flow.

She’s a writer too and has a fun book with scary short stories and crafts available at Amazon. Give her a try.Image

It was so much fun. -grins. I’m starting on book 3 in my Shadow Walkers after coming off the holiday novella so it was a perfect time for great conversation, relaxation and recharging the well.

Cheers!Image 1