Just in time for the holidays…an xmas ghost story!

Whoo-hoo! Super happy to announce…

Iced in Shadow, A Shadow Walkers Holiday Novella is live on Amazon amzn.to/1aLmImU. And only $.99! It should be available on the rest of the #ebook retailers in the next few days. #paranormal #christmas #christmasghost

Beware… there’s a nasty spirit threatening to ruin Christmas for everyone. Come spend the holiday at Ravensmore Castle with your favorite Shadow Walkers. You’ll learn more about Hamish and of course, Frederick – the wicked ghost. Iced in Shadow may be read standalone. It takes place after Desired by Shadow.

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Summer and FREE books!

untitled (9)Summertime. A time to enjoy fresh fruits and veggies. To laze by the pool. To enjoy fruity drinks and…to read. Today I take over and instead of posting a smoothie recipe, I’m sharing my book self -grins

But you don’t get away without anything Wicked Green – pop grapes into the freezer for an hour or two. They are so delicious frozen!

I’m celebrating Summer by offering Lost in Shadow, book one in the Shadow Walkers series FREE today through 7/20 on Amazon.

Don’t have a Kindle or an eReader? No worries. Get the free app from Amazon for your laptop, smartphone and/or tablet.

lostLost in Shadow is a modern-day ghost story with a twist. I hope you enjoy Colin and Emily’s story. Book 2 – Desired by Shadow will be out in October.

Happy Summer to All!


A modern day ghost story…

3d4Hi All!

Waving hello from my author website – cluhrs.com. Wanted to share some wonderful news. The paperback version of Lost in Shadow is now available at Amazon

Lost in Shadow, A Shadow Walkers Novel (#1) Add the book to your shelf at Goodreads.

Lost in Shadow is the first book in the Shadow Walkers series. Meet the ghostly warriors. All are cursed…

We were wrong…ghosts are frighteningly real.

For centuries a war has been raging between light and shadow. Shadow Walker pitted against Day Walker, threatening to plunge the world into darkness. Colin, an ancient warrior who lost hope long ago, prowls the streets of Edinburgh, eviscerating those who prey on humanity.

Emily possesses the ability to see beyond our realm into the dangerous realms of Light and Shadow. Unwittingly drawn into the shadows when she intervenes to help Colin, igniting his long-buried desires, she unleashes a terrible curse. Now with a week to break the curse, time is running out as they are locked in a deadly fight with forces that will stop at nothing to destroy them before they succeed.2

Intensely romantic and thrilling, Lost in Shadow portrays the struggle between redemption and retribution.

Fans of J.R. Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Karen Marie Moning, and Charlaine Harris will enjoy the Shadow Walkers Series.

I love to hear from my fans!

P.S. The Ebook is also out and the audiobook version should be available in June!


NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month for those of you unfamiliar

Have you heard of National Novel Writing Month? Or NaNoWriMo for short? It’s where during the  month of November, you try to write 50,000, yes, that’s correct, 50,000 words in ONE MONTH. To keep you accountable, there is a website with writing buddies so you can see how you’re doing in relation to others. Nothing like a little competition to keep oneself motivated.

As many of you know I’m working on a book about green smoothies, Wicked Green Smoothies, of which the objective is trying to get most of us to simply eat another serving or two of fruit and veg. Well, what you may not know is that I’m also working on a novel, this one’s fiction, about ghosts. The idea’s been bouncing around in my head for a while and while I’ve started building the world, I’ve been a bit sidetracked lately.

Note: this is a very fun place to live and sometimes I forget there’s a real world out there, but I digress. So, I decided to sign up and declare my intent to reach the 50.000 milestone by the end of November. I am cheating a bit. To be an official winner, it has to be a brand new work no existing word count. My cheat, is I’m adding the 50,000 words onto the 30 some odd thousand words I already have. Hey whatever it takes to help get this finished, works for me. So I won’t submit for an “official” win – an informal one will do just fine as an additional 50,000 words will allow me to write “the end” – and then start revising, revising, revising..

Anyway, this is going to be the first book in a series so I better get cracking. I figured it would help keep me motivated and maybe feeling a bit competitive. Not to mention, when you speak your intent, the Universe listens and I hope conspires on my behalf.

Hey, I can use all the help I can get.

So stay tuned and I’ll follow-up with a status mid-month, and again at the end of the month with my final word count.