Cranberry relish and a wicked good smoothie


Are you ready for the holiday next week? Do you need to bring something and have no idea what to make? Or maybe you’re tired of the same old thing? Have no fear, here’s a cranberry relish recipe that is so tasty you’ll want to dish up a bowl and eat it with a spoon. 9944862_l

Cranberry Relish

12 oz bag cranberries, rinsed
1 or 2 oranges peeled and cut in segments (if large orange use 1, I use 2 mandarins or tangerines)
2 apples cut to fit in food processor
put all ingredients into food processor and pulse until desired consistency. I like it chunky so I don’t pulse long.
then add: 1 large can crushed pineapple in its own juice, drained
1 cup sugar

Mix and chill. stir every hour for 2-3 hours. best if chilled for several hours. You can make it the day before

P.S. It’s wonderful the next day as a smoothie base. Use 1/2 cup or 1 cup if you like it more fruity, add 1/2 c. yogurt or OJ, a handful of ice, a handful of spinach and blend – yum!


I coulda had my veg

v8Not ready to try a Wicked Green Smoothie? No worries. Here’s an easy peasy way to start…Go to the store and buy a bottle of spicy hot V-8 juice. Pour 16 oz into a blender. Add a few sprigs of parsley or a couple slices of cucumber or a few leaves of spinach. Blend and pat yourself on the back for being good to your body.

And…later that afternoon, make a bloody mary 🙂

Happy Weekend!

The peaches are here!

ImageI don’t know about you but I love fresh peaches. They are in season right now and the farmer’s market has tons of them. Here in Raleigh, North Carolina we are so fortunate to have the state farmer’s market and all its wonderful bounty.

Find your local farmer’s market and pick up a few peaches. Eat it as is. Cut it up in a bowl with some blackberries and blueberries, add to your favorite greek yogurt, or…yep, make a delicious smoothie.

Peach Perfection
1 peach cut into pieces, discard pit (you can use frozen if you don’t have fresh)
1/2 c. yogurt – flavor of your choice. Vanilla, peach, and plain greek are all wonderful
1/2 c. pineapple juice
2 fresh mint leaves (optional)
handful of ice (you don’t need this if you used frozen peaches)
For all you beginners, you can stop here or maybe add a couple of spinach or leafy green lettuce leaves
All you Wicked Green Smoothie drinkers – throw in a big handful of spinach or cut up a third of a cucumber.
Blend well and enjoy!Image 2

It’s Strawberry Season

images (3)Depending on where you are, it’s strawberry season. Here in the south the roadside stands and pick your own places are open and the farmer’s markets are blanketed in berries. I love fresh strawberries!

As an ode to strawberries, here are some great ways to use them (you know there’s a smoothie in this somewhere right?) – grins.

Strawberry Joy Wicked Green Smoothie
no picture as I drank it before I thought to photograph it!
1/2 c. yogurt vanilla or strawberry flavored
1 c. strawberries
1 c. almond milk or juice of your choice
and of course…a handful of greens. If you’re new add a leaf of spinach or lettuce. If you’ve made a few of these use a cup.
Note: the pretty color changes to an ugly color with the greens but it tastes delicious so put it in a dark cup if the color bothers you!

Other ways to enjoy strawberries:

Dipped in dark chocolateth

With yogurt and granola for breakfast or a snack

sliced over your cereal

thCAIPOWBSsimply sliced and eaten, maybe with a pinch of sugar or cool-whip or of course ice-cream

over waffles

th (2)and of course picked from the vine and popped in your mouth with the sun shining down on you

How do you like your strawberries?

Ode to Cherries

untitled (2)We all know cherries are good for us but did you know a cup only has 87 calories and they are chock full of antioxidants?! Cherries are a great source of fiber, full of beneficial vitamins and reduce inflammation. So after that next workout, pop a handful of cherries. Your body will smile.

I’ve been eating lots of cherries and made a delicious cherry smoothie I thought I’d share. Try it before or after your workout of just as a refreshing lunch.

Cherry Surprise 
1 cup cherries, pitted (pop them in the freezer if you want your smoothie thicker or add ice to your smoothie).
1/2 c. greek yogurt
1 cup OJ
and of course, greens – 1 cup spinach (or a handful or two for those of you who hate to measure). If you’re new to adding greens, just put a couple of leaves – you won’t even taste them 🙂
Blend until smooth and enjoy!

How do you like to eat cherries?

Until next time, cheers!

Wait a minute – you can actually EAT parsley?

I know, I know, it’s usually a garnish on your plate which you quickly push to the side. But wait…this little garnish is a powerhouse of nutritional goodness. parsley

Compared to Broccoli, a cup of chopped parsley has more potassium, folate, calcium, and nearly nine times the vitamin A.

Ok, you’ve got my attention but what the heck do I do with this stuff?

Chop and add to spaghetti, pizza, soup, and stews. And of course let’s not forget my fave – a smoothie. Here are two:

Super Easy Peasy Veg
8 oz of V-8 juice (I like the spicy hot kind)
1/4 c. chopped parsley – work your way up to a full cup if you don’t usually add greens to your juice/smoothies.
Blend well and enjoy!

Orange ‘licious
one orange, peeled
1/2 c. pineapple
1/4 of a banana (these are great frozen when they’re too ripe to eat, then grab a chunk out of your freezer bag)
1/2 c. greek yogurt – plain or vanilla (I like fage) OR use 1/2 c. almond milk in plain or vanilla
handful of ice to make it as thick as you like
water as needed to blend or you can use some of the pineapple juice but you want pineapple in its own juice not with syrup
1/4 to 1/2 c. chopped parsley – work up to a cup or use a couple of tablespoons of chopped parsley and a handful of spinach or butter lettuce.

Your body will thank you and you can start your day feeling great!

A pear a day, keeps your body humming

Pears are just as good if not better for you than apples.  According to the Environmental Working Group, one pear has more fiber, potassium, and folate – and less pesticide residue – than one apple.pear

So mix it up this year, take a pear with your lunch instead of the usual same old apple.

Peary Goodness Smoothie
1 pear, core cut out
1 apple, cut into quarters, seeds removed
handful of spinach (tiny handful or few leaves if you’re new to green smoothies)
1 c. water (if you’re a green smoothie lover)
1 c. apple or grape juice (if you’re new to green smoothies. If it’s too sweet, use 1/2 c. water and 1/2 c. juice. then gradually work your way to just water, no juice).
1/2 c. vanilla greek yogurt and little water to blend as needed
ice to thicken
blend well